1: Energy of Love

3: The Light of the Prophet (PBUH)

5: And the Messenger Asked Forgiveness for Them

7: Endeavor for a Better Duaa (Prayer)

9: Arising for Allah's Sake

2: Happiness is in Loving God

4: Reciting "Allah...Allah"

6: Allah's Mercy (Towards His Servants)

8: While Allah Promises You Forgiveness from Him and Bounty

10: Propriety of the Tongue

11: There Has Come to You from Allah a Light and a Clear Book

12: The Circle of Creation

13: And Bountiful is the Reward of the Workers

15: What is Better Zhikr or Duaa?

17: Duaa

19: In the Presence of the Beloved

14: Drops of the Divine Beauty

16: Between Absoluteness (Al-Itlaq) and Limitation (Al Taqyid)

18: A Good Word is Charity

20: Between the Sheikh and the Murid