Call 71

Oh My servant: Whoever disputes with me, does not believe in Me, and whoever plans alongside Me, has no grasp of My Unity.


Nor is the one who complains to other than Me about what I have sent down upon him truly content with me;


nor has he truly chosen Me, if he has chosen alongside Me;


nor has he truly conformed to My command, if he has not surrendered to My severity;


nor has he truly known Me, if he has not entrusted his whole affair to Me.


And the one who does not rely upon Me, has certainly abandoned Me.

Call 72

Oh my servant, it is sufficiently ignorant that you may be contented that which you possess,


as opposed to that which I possess and that I should desire for you to choose Me,


while you seek to choose besides Me.


Woe to you! Never can true servitude coexist with the exercise of one’s choice,


nor any transgression with divine lights, and nor turning to Me with your turning to the creation!


Thus, either I am with you, or you are with yourself.


So choose with a guiding criterion, and do not forego divine guidance for perdition.

Call 158

My servant,


I hold Myself to this oath,


in My own Name:


No one leaves any matter for My sake,


except that I will give him that which he has left,


or something better


and purer


than what he has left.

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