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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 14: Oh My Beloved!

Oh My Beloved All My love is reserved for you; you are My long lost (treasure) and My beloved. You are the entirety of creation, while the entirety of creation cannot be you. Just ask My Spirit (Rūḥ) that I bestowed upon you, and ask My intimate company that never departs your side wherever you have settled. “And He is with you wherever you may be.” [Quran 57:2]


Just ask each of your breaths, one breath after another. With every breath that I have bestowed upon you, I love you. I am jealous that you should turn to other than Me. Thus, I disclose Myself (atajallā) to you in all foods, drinks, sensibles, and scents, as well as in all that is beautiful, and in the birds, animals, the sky and the air. I have disclosed Myself as Manifest in the whole of existence. I am existence, so be a finder! I am the Seeker (Murīd) and you are the sought (murād).


Attach yourself to My love alone, and do not look to any good or bad deeds; neither do your good deeds bring you closer to Me, nor do your bad deeds distance you from Me because I love you, and I love to see My blessings being bestowed upon you and to grant you My mercy and forgiveness.


My generosity towards you shall not cease on account of your sins, and My munificence towards you shall not cease on account of your shortcomings. My will for you is infused with love and mercy, and no detractor may ever prevent it from reaching its destination. In an instant, I draw near the one who is distant, raise high the lowly, give honour and respect to the despised, make rich the poor, release what has been withheld, and heal the sick.


Oh My beloved, I asked of you your heart and gave to you your whole being. How many times do I call upon you, but you do not respond? How many times do I reveal Myself to you, but you do not witness?


In reality, I am more desirable to you than any desirable thing, and I am better for you than all that is good. All seek you for themselves, while I seek you for your sake. What We desire from you is that you seek Us and none besides Us. What We choose for you is to choose Us and none besides Us. What We accept for you is to be satisfied with Us, and we do not accept that you should be satisfied with anyone other than Us. Either I am yours, or you are for yourself.


I have commanded that you serve Me and guaranteed for you My portion (of provision (Rizq). Indeed, I have provided for the one who was heedless of Me and who disobeyed Me, how then will I not provide for the one who obeys and heeds Me?


I was the One who brought (all existence) into being, and it is upon Me to consistently provide. It is I who created, and it is upon Me to consistently sustain.


And love is the greatest of all sustenance.


And it cannot but be that My blessings are received, for if you were to ask of Me to deprive you of My blessing, I would not withhold it from you; then how will it be when you are constantly calling upon Me?


If you direct your heart towards Me, I shall show you the wonders of My generosity and delight your inner secret with witnessing Me. Remove all partners in seeking Me, and I shall bring you to the Source of what is sought. And heed the rights of My continual love and support (bestowed upon you).

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