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Oh my servant,  I have decreed in my preeternality that never shall the light of surrendering to Me and the darkness of contesting with Me coincide together in my servant’s heart; for when one exists, the other must cease to accompany it. So choose for yourself!


Thus, woe be to you when We exalt your rank, while you remain preoccupied with the whims of your ego! So choose not to diminish your rank, oh one whom we have raised!


Do not degrade yourself in turning to other than Me, oh one we have honoured!  Woe to you! You are far too honourable to busy yourself with other than Us! For My Presence have I created you, to it have I addressed you, and with the attractive allure of my care for it, I have I enticed you.


Thus, if you are preoccupied with yourself, I shall veil you (from My Presence), and if you follow the whims of your ego, I shall banish you. But if you choose to cast these away, I shall draw you near, and if you lovingly seek Me by foregoing what is other than Me, I shall respond to you.

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