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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 15: I am the Near, the Far

Allah, the Exalted, says “None reaches me through his comprehension, knowledge, capability, love, genorosity, worship, or the careful fulfilment of what is rightfully due.” Allah is glorified far above being reached by a mean or being beguiled by any trickery.

“I have no gate nor is there a path leading to Me, for I am the gate and the path, and I am the Veiler and the Connector. 


Whomsoever We desire, We bring closer and elect, even if in a state of sin. And whomsoever We do not want, We repel, even if a state of obedience. 

Obedience is My near veil and disobedience is My far veil.

Whoever sees Me in the sin, it is transformed into an act of obedience
Whoever thinks highly of himself out of his dutiful obedience, it is transformed into sin. 


Whatever veils I have removed for you in the Hereafter are far bigger and greater than the veils I have removed for you in this worldly life. 

I have manifested what is manifest, though I am more Manifest than it, 
and I have concealed what is hidden, though I am more Hidden than it. 
I am the Near, the Far; nearness is farness, and farness is nearness.”​

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