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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 31: The Cups of Passionate Love

Seeing the one you love — that is the meaning of the “pure repentance after which there is no sin.”


A kiss from the one you love — that is like a solo fiddle on the strings of the cosmos. 


What will the strings do without a musician (an instrumentalist)?
We, O love, are your strings. Use us, dear beloved, to play the symphony of life — alone in your beauty and unrivaled in your perfection.

It is you who provides drink from the wine of life, so let us therefore take our fill from your hands, filling up the cups of passionate love. Let us drink from the lawful wine, for it alone is what inebriates us, and it alone is what gives us life!

"And in a drink from it, even if but for a moment in one’s life
You will see time as an obedient servant, with judgement yours."

In other words, you say to a thing “be,” and it is. 


So whoever drinks the cups of the theophanies of beauty will be absent from all other created entities, and his soul will be connected with its holiest pre-eternal realm where the hearing of creation was intoxicated from "am I not your Lord?" [Quran 7:172].

This wine is indescribable; it must be tasted.


Knowledge leads only to knowledge. 


Gnosis leads only to gnosis. 


As for Allah, there is no path leading to Him, and no gnosis that guides unto Him. Simply put, when He wants a servant, He calls out to him from his innermost secret and draws him near.

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