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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 4: There is Nothing Except that it Glorifies with His Praises

All of the atoms of the worlds are of the utmost purity due to the diffusion of the Divine Name the “Holy” (Al-Quddūs) within them. Otherwise, they would not have been able to shine with His glorification, as He has said: “There is not a thing except but that glorifies Him with His praise”(Quran 17:44); so there is no atom except that it is a thing from amongst all things that glorify Allah. Thus, the original default state of all things is purity.


Even what you may consider from among the impurities, such as urine for example, is - in its essential nature- pure. The proof of this is that it exists within your body, and yet nobody calls it impure. But when the same thing exits from you, we call it impure not because it is impure in its essence but due to a specific reason relating to ritual worship, which Allah commanded us with to test us whether we will obey Him or not. Otherwise, everything is considered pure, and everything is in a state of glorification, Allah having created all His creation as pure.

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