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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 6: The Blown Spirit vs. the Created Spirit

Everyday we wake up in the morning; this is indeed the greatest blessings. The blessing of the blowing of the spirit within you every morning, it is a blessing before which all other blessings seem utterly miniscule.


When Allah blows His noble and sacred Spirit within you every morning, He has indeed bestowed upon you everything you need, and with it, there is nothing you truly lack.


All praise belongs to Allah Who has revived us after putting us to death (sleep).


Your spirit is the strong breath of Allah within you. Your spirit is Allah’ s Self within you. The Spirit of Allah resides in you. It is an expression of His utmost love that Allah would bestow His own Spirit upon you. Your spirit was blown into you by Allah.


As for the spirits of the angels, birds and animals and so forth, Allah created them, and there is a big difference between the created spirit and the one that is blown by Allah.


Allah, the Most Exalted, has favoured you with volition, free will, and the ability to make choices in comparison to the rest of His creation. In reality, it is the Will of Allah, and your will is through His Will, and it is His Volition, and your volition is only through His Volition.


He has given you the secret of “Be” (Kun), and through this secret He has subdued for you all of His creation, and through it He has revealed to you the secrets of the universe, making you the ruling vicegerent over the creation.


He has subjugated all of His creation for you with that secret, and by it He caused all the secrets of the universe to emerge before you, thus making you the ruling master in all of His (created) worlds.


You are superior to every created thing, and nothing surpasses you except Allah. Even in Paradise, you will say to a thing ‘ Be!’ and it will be.


By Allah, this is utmost love!

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