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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 13: The Most Benevolent

Allah, the Most Exalted, is named by such names as the Beneficent (al-Raḥmān), the Merciful (al-Raḥīm), the Forgiver (al-Ghafūr), the Originator (al-Khallāq), and He is never named by such qualities as the Angry, the Punisher, or the Annihilator. It should be noted that ‘ death’ cannot be simply equated with nonexistence or annihilation. Death is an illusory gateway through which the human being passes from one state of existence to another that is higher by one or several degrees. Thus, the disbeliever (after death) becomes a believer, and the believer finally witnesses and joins the People of Excellence (ahl al-iḥsān), and the knowledge of certainty (ʿilm al-yaqīn) becomes the eye of certainty (ʿayn al-yaqīn).


As for becoming nonexistent (ʿadam), that is the ultimate punishment, and Allah does not annihilate anyone after He has brought them into existence because ‘ Annihilator’ is not one of His names or qualities. Thus, the Merciful Names are the essential and original names, and to them do all creatures eventually return. As for the Sovereign, Compelling, and Majestic Names, these have no essential connection with the creation, for if they were connected to the created things they would have been utterly annihilated in less than the blink of an eye.


As for what we witness in creation of punishment in this life or the Hereafter, all this in fact comes from His name the Beneficent (ar-Raḥmān); “I fear lest you be afflicted with a punishment from the Beneficent.” [Quran 19:45]


Even with regards to what we see of suffering in this life, though it may appear as suffering in our eyes, whatever suffering befalls a person leading to death, illness, etc., the person normally senses a certain degree of pain, after which one loses consciousness and senses nothing as a mercy from Allah. For Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear, and Allah knows our weaknesses.


Thus, you may see a person who is struck by a car, and you think that he has truly suffered from this accident, then you find that after he regains his senses in the hospital, he recalls nothing of the accident and asks those around him, “Where am I, and why am I here?”


Indeed, Allah’ s Mercy reaches His servant in this life, this is merely one hundredth of the degree of Mercy (to be) experienced in the Hereafter. The Day of Judgement is in fact a Day of Mercy.


“True Sovereignty on that Day belongs to the Beneficent (al-Raḥmān).” [Quran 19:26]


It is the Day of Love, where we shall meet the Greatest Beloved, the Day of Reunion. And reunions are only between loved ones.


And just as the Sovereign, Compelling, and Majestic Names have had their effects lifted in this world and the Hereafter, there are Names whose effects remain present in this worldly life but which are lifted in the Hereafter, such as the name the Patient (al-Ṣabūr).


Allah, the Most Exalted, is the Patient in this life with all the harm of the disbelievers, while in the Hereafter, since there is no longer any harm from them, the effect of His Name, the Patient, is lifted, and all become destined for His Mercy.


Indeed, Allah, the Most Exalted, has settled on His Throne with but only one Name: “The Beneficent who settled on His Throne” [Quran 20:5]

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