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Divine Inspirations


Inspiration 1: Learn about Love & Teach It

Love is an intercessor for one who seeks intercession and a trustworthy ally. No one seeks Allah by it except that the doors of the unknown are opened for him without a barrier.


Love is expiation for every sin and it veils every fault. Love is the major pilgrimage (hajj) and the lesser pilgrimage (umra); love is migration. Love is a glance, were it not for love, Allah would not have created sight. Love is a whisper, were it not for love, Allah would not have created hearing. Love is the reason why the world exists.


Learn about love and teach it to your children. With the mother’s first kiss upon her child’s forehead she teachers him about love. Love is a key to every door. Love is the life of the hearts and its nourishment. A heart that does not know of love is a dead heart. Love chooses the hearts that are worthy of residing in. So purify your hearts for love!


You are with the one you love on the Day of Judgement. One who meets Allah with love will be safe and one who meets Allah for His sake, Allah will reward him with Himself and not with Paradise, for Allah the Most High loves the one who loves Him, He favors him with His bounty, graces him with His compassion, enriches him with His wealth, bestows upon him with His generosity, and adorns him with His beauty.


Love is a cure for every illness. Heal your ill ones with love! Veil your faults with love. It is sufficient for you in the world that you knew the Messenger of Allah - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - and that you loved him. This will suffice as a means for you to be amongst the felicitous in the world and the hereafter. 

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