Sheikh Salah EL Din Al Tijany

Sheikh Salâh ud-Dîn al-Tijânî al-Hasanî is an Egyptian Imâm, Mujtahid and a specialist of Hadith affiliated to the Ash'ari theological school, to the Maliki jurisprudencial school, and the Sufi Tijany Tariqa. He is also an orthopedic surgeon and Professor of Medicine at the Faculty Of Medicine Kasr Al Ainy of Cairo. He is a direct decendent of Sidi Ahmed Al Tijany, and after having perfected through memorization and understanding all teachings of Islam (including all 14 Quranic readings, all Hadith ways and teachings, and Shari'a Law) by the age of 17, he is considered one of the youngest to ever achieve this marvelous accomplishment, as well as opening his Zawya of Imbaba by age 20. An Imam of highest nobility, respect, and acclaim, he now has hundreds of disciples all over the world.